The Community area

Exploring another person’s project


When you tap on a project in the Community area, you’ll see several options appear:

Play: Play the project.

Remix: “Clone and fork” the project into your Workshop. This is the equivalent of “Save As”-- Remix makes a copy of the project. From there you can edit it, and save it as a new project under your name.

Flag: The project, in your opinion, contains objectionable content. This will elevate the project and trigger an inspection. Flagging things for no good reason is also objectionable, so please don’t do that!

Like: I bet you know what that’s about. Once you like a project, it appears under “My Likes” in your Workshop area. This is handy way of saving things for remixing later, inspiration, or just to play a lot because they’re fun.

Share: I bet you know what this is about too! Share your project produces a web page where you can post the link. From there people can either play the project right on the web, or else “like it” and from there find it in their Workshop under “My Likes”, and play it in the app, remix it, and explore how the project was made.

Author: That’s the username of the person who made that project, and their avatar. One day, we might let you tap the author name to see the other stuff they’ve made and published.

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