My Workshop

My Workshop is where your projects are stored. No one can see into your Workshop other than yourself. In the banner you’ll see your username, tagline, and avatar (configurable from “My Settings” in the drop down menu top-left).

You’ll see three circles providing you with some basic statistics about your public projects:

Play: Total plays across all projects
Star: Total likes across all projects.
Remix: Total remixes across all projects.


There are three default tabs in My Workshop:

“My Projects”: All the stuff you’ve made.

“My Likes”: All the stuff you’ve liked (including your own, so that’s kinda weird!).

“Getting Started”: Tutorial projects to help understand what Ready can do. Sadly not working right now. :( Visit Community / Learn tab to see the “Getting Started” content over there.


Then beneath the banner you’ll find your projects and two buttons:

Create New: The big maker button… Opens the canvas and starts a new blank project.
Newest / Oldest: Sorts your projects from newest to oldest, or oldest to newest.

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