Adding Members

1) Clicking members opens the members admin page. Here you can add or remove members to your group.

2) You add new members by simply entering their handle. Initially it appears blank, but as you add members, it begins to look like this:

One best practice is to use a naming convention for your pupils that you’ll easily remember, such as a combination of first initial, last name, and school / camp name. You can also associate all the accounts with one email address, such as your own, making individual password recovery much easier, or else associate with each student’s email address.

As this is early software there is no implementation of an approval process for the user being added to your group: you can add anyone without permission, so long as you know their Ready handle. In the future, adding a new member will trigger an automatic email to that user’s account. They will need to “approve” the request to be added to your group. For now, you are trusted to add members on your own without their permission. Remember: if the account does not exist yet, it cannot be added! So please have the students in your group create accounts prior to this (or else you can create them all manually, and then add them).

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