Event Manager

The Event Manager is the area to code projects. Using the simple sentence structure “WHEN something happens, DO this”, we are able to give lexiconic instructions that contain the principles of coding without having to learn actual code.

You can always add a new line of code by clicking the button “New Event” on the top left corner or the “Add New Event” at the bottom of the last event. You can delete events by clicking the trashcan icon on the top right of each event. You’ll be prompted to confirm you want to delete the event.

Events in Ready are made up of at least two statements: a WHEN statement and a DO statement. A statement is made of 3 to 4 chips. The structure of the statements for both WHEN and DO is:

  1. Object
  2. Attribute
  3. Action
  4. Parameter

Object determines what is being affected. The first chip will show all the objects currently existing in the project. Other than objects, there are some system facets that can be affected too.

Attribute determines what aspect of the object is being affected. This can range from the behaviors or effects an object has, to the basic attributes of the object, such as size or position.

Action refers to what is happening to the specified attribute of the object.

Parameter sets specifically how the action will be executed or what the aspect will be modified to. Most events require the fourth chip, but there are some that do not.



Building Events

WHEN statements can be added to elaborate on the condition in which the DO statement executes. Clicking the + button under the Reset button on the right side creates an additional statement line. To the right of that statement is an “And/Or” toggle. When a statement is toggled to “And”, it means the statement will only execute when both statements are true. When a statement is toggled to “Or”, the statement will execute when any one of those statements are true.

DO statements can be added to create additional actions to execute once the WHEN statement is true. Clicking the + button under the Reset button on the right side creates an additional statement line. When the DO statement executes, they generally all execute at the same time.

Many of them are self explanatory, but if there is one that is confusing, you can look here for reference.

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