Asset Uploading

NOTE: As a group admin you can upload two types of artwork to Ready:
-- Images: what would be dragged onto the canvas.
-- Backgrounds: artwork that appears in the background layer of your scene.

1) To upload a new asset, select the “assets” area and click “Upload New”, as here:

2) Once “upload new” is clicked you are brought to the asset uploading page:

alt text

3) Then just select the image from your computer and give it a name, category and specify if its an image or background. Read our tips to see what type of files work.


---- Asset Name ----
You can name the asset whatever you want. Generally, favor short descriptive names and avoid putting in unnecessary punctuation marks. So “David’s box” is better than “Dav1d’s b0x!”.
Examples of names:
“word word”
“Word Word”
“$%#$% Word! word”

---- Choose File ----
Files should be of type PNG or JPG. While it may be possible to upload other file types, please don’t. We are not sure how the client apps will handle other file types.

---- Image Files ----
Image files are what are dragged to the canvas. While these can be of any size, we strongly recommend that they be formatted to be no larger that 250px on any axis. By sizing everything to be 250px on its largest axis, this creates relative uniformity between all the assets uploaded, and leads to a better building experience for the end user.

---- Background Files ----
Background files go in the backgrounds area of the app. They are always stretched to the aspect ratio of an iPad when added to a scene, which is 1024 pixels across and 768 pixels high. So, best practice is to upload background files that have been saved to be 1025 x 769 pixels (the extra pixel in each direction ensures a good fit).

---- Category ----
Please categorize your asset. The Ready app currently has default categories. You can only select one category per artwork uploaded, so think through what makes the most sense. Example categories include:


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