Getting Assets to your Group

1) Upload custom assets.
2) Go into Ready and add all the image assets to one project.
3) Title the project something obvious like “New Assets: Solar System Project.”
4) Feature the “New Assets: Solar System Project” on your group page.
5) Instruct your group members to “like” the project while logged into their personal accounts.
6) The project will now appear in their Ready app under “my likes”.
7) Then they remix the project and it appears in their personal account.
8) They save the remixed project.
9) This brings in all the assets, to their “My Device” tab, which can then be used in any project they make.
10) Repeat this process for each background image, as a project cannot contain more than one background image (but can contain many image assets).

The drawback of this system is that anyone can use your uploaded assets-- it cannot be limited to members of your group only. So for now, please upload assets you are comfortable having anyone in the world see and use.

In the future, the Ready API will contain a “groups” field. This will mean that assets uploaded to the group will automatically appear in “This Device” for all group members, removing the need for this “like” workflow.

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