Minimum System Requirements

Ready is designed to run on PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, and Android tablets and phones.

Generally, it's best to just give it a try as most devices will handle Ready, but if you're wondering what the minimum requirements are, here's a list.


PC / Windows

If your PC runs Windows 8 or higher, you should be fine. Ready will eventually be distributed through the Windows Store, so Windows 7 will be unable to download Ready. 



We've seen no issues on Mac. Any Mac under 6 years of age should be fine. 



We recommend iPad 3 or higher. Earlier versions of iPad may run slow and / or crash.



iPhone 5 or higher. For optimal experience a "plus" size 6 or 7 is ideal.


Android Tablet

Any tablet released since 2015 should be capable of handling Ready.


Android Phone

Any phone released since 2015 should be capable of handling Ready. We recommend phones with screens that are 5 inches or larger.


We welcome any performance reports in the comments threads. If you have an issue, please share the following information in your post:

  • Operating system version number.
  • Hardware model.
  • Version of Ready.


Happy Making!

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