Running Ready on Chromebooks... how?

Here are the steps for authorizing Ready on a Google Chromebook, to run as a native Android app from the Google Play store.


Step one: Make sure you’re running the latest version of Chrome O/S.

As of version 53, Chrome O/S supports running Android apps. So if you have Chromebooks running older versions of Chrome O/S, you can’t run Ready.  These instructions from Google will walk you through how to make sure your Chrome O/S is up to date.


Step two: authorize Google Play / Android on the Chromebook(s) for personal Chromebooks

This part is tricky. If your Chromebook is controlled by a school IT administrator, we’ll get get to those instructions in a minute. Otherwise, if the Chromebook is driven by “personal accounts”, meaning regular gmail accounts, then … you can authorize Google Play Store by following these simple instructions from Google.


Step two: for School controlled Chromebooks… Pain time! :)

Ok, so your school IT administrator is in charge of how the Chromebooks work. Here’s what s/he needs to do to let Ready run.

  • The Chromebooks must be running Chrome O/S 56 or higher- this is a requirement for “Chrome for education” users.
  • Authorize “Google Play” to be an available “App” in the Admin Console for your school or organization.
  • Once Google Play Store is authorized, that means in principle Android apps can be downloaded onto the Chromebook… BUT… (more suffering ahead).
  • You have to authorize the Android apps that are permitted, otherwise the default is no apps at all are permitted.
  • So now, as an administrator, search for “Ready Maker” and when it appears,  authorize Ready as a permitted Android application.
  • From there, students can open Google Play and install Ready (it will automatically appear in the list of Google Play apps), or teachers can do it.

The official long version with every necessary IT admin step is over here at Google.

Happy making!

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